Lake Township Homeowners Object to Revocation of Easement and Boat Hoist Oversight

Sylva Beach Cabana Plan

Huron County, Michigan…there will be a Lake Township zoning meeting on Jan 25th at 6:30pm to discuss revoking Lake Townships current oversight over beach easements.  The rare, mid-winter, mid-week meeting is being held at a time when many seasonal owners will not be in attendance. However several members of the Sylva Beach Association will be submitting letters of concern and object to striking a successful ordinance provision put in place in 2007.

Some wildeyed members of the current Lake Township board feels it has no jurisdiction over beach easements and is willing to ceade any oversight responsiblity back to the public. If the ordnance is revoked, certain residents with beach easement rights have mentioned that it’s their intention to place storage sheds, cabanas (see their envisioned photos provided by architect), and seasonal dockage well in excess of the four boat hoist restrictions now in place.

Dockage Model for Small Easement

The Sylva Beach easement has 24 households sharing a 50 foot beach easement. The current ordinance allows a limited number of boat hoists but not year around storage. Homeowners who do not have boats but use the easement have felt the current restrictions are fair and serve to keep beach easements from looking like a junk yard.

Residents are also wondering what is behind this move by the Township. Published opinions by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Michigan Supreme Court have upheld that local governments are within their jurisdiction to regulate the storage, number and placement of boat hoists along the beach. Published minutes and agendas posted on the Lake Township website give no indication of the problem with the current zoning rules. Rumors are that by revoking the current ordinance will allow certain owners friendly with the Lake Township Junta to entertain and allow guests to camp on the beach during Cheeseburger.

It promises to be another evening of drama at the Lake Township hall on January 25th. See you there!!


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