The Problem With Beach Easements

The Problem with Beach Easements…People.

As long as I’ve been coming up to the Upper Thumb the ongoing topic is property lines and easements. Because of the varied couture of the lake, there is no truly square lot within the first 1/4 mile of the beach. Everything is at odd angles and measurements. As a result folks are always putting sheds on their neighbors lot or cutting down someone else trees. Harsh words are spoken and sometimes hard feelings are felt for years.

Beach Easement

Any beach with an easement is always fodder for potential for words and out right blow ups. Easement folks are viewed dimly by property owners who border the area. Conversely guests of those who use the easement tend to sprawl outward as they near the waters edge. It has all the makings of a potential border war each and every weekend. It doesn’t help that, because of the high water level, there is now only a few short yards of usable beach vs. the over 100 yards of sand between the waters edge and the  break-walls. When the water was low, berms, trees and snow fence sprung up in an attempt to mark the territory. Now the water threatens to take these impediments back out in to the lake.