Millions for Michigan Countys, except for Huron

I found an interesting piece at the on-line version of the Detroit Free Press. There is a searchable database that displays all the earmarked funds from congressional appropriations. You can search by which Michigan county is getting the funds and what the purpose is.  Much of the spending is for military and veterans affairs programs. However about $13 million is slated for educational, health and human services programs.

Huron County’s portion is a pittance. Of the over 200 earmarks, Huron county had one program totaling $150,000 denoted as “Huron County Safe Place – domestic violence service programs”. The thought immediately struck me was with all of the issues facing Huron right now; wind power, muck in Saginaw Bay and a reduced population why aren’t our elected officials bringing more resources to bear to remedy some of the area’s economic and environmental problems.

Maybe our elected officials don’t see any opportunities in the Thumb.  Sanilac County got $450,000 for two projects and Tuscola County is missing from the list altogether.  I suspect that Representive Candice Miller has chosen totally ignore the upper thumb in favor of the more urban Macomb County which comprises the southern part of her district. Looking at her website it obvious that she is more interested in being a mouth piece for the extreme right wing of the Republican Party then supporting the 10th District.


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