One Cupcake Against the Walmart Machine

I spotted a stat on an interesting Web Site about Walmart. noted that only $0.06 of every dollar spent at the local Walmart stays in that community. With 70% of all goods sold at Walmart coming in large container ships from China its no wonder the United States is now a debter nation to the largest Communist & Capitalist society on the planet.

Contrast that with what Lowell McDonald and his staff are doing at the local Bad Axe McDonald’s Food & Family Center.  Marlena Walsh has founded MJ’s Kupcakery LLC and McDonalds was one of the the first stores to spotlight her great product. Ms Walsh uses  Pioneer Sugar, Farm Crest eggs from Pigeon and locally-produced butter.

Every time we are in Bad Axe we stop by McDonalds Foods and stock up. A lot of other folks do too as the place is always busy. I’ve never stepped foot in the place where I’ve not seen a local Scout troop, FFA or other youth group doing a fund raiser.

So while other folks are spending their money in China at Walmart I’ll be over at Lowell’s place making sure his crew continues to be busy. I’ll also look forward to hopefully seeing Ms. Walsh’s cupcakes front and center in the bakery area.  I’ll be picking up a few for New Years.


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